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Diamond Journey

My diamond has so much
to tell me

Chapter I: BirthMy diamond’s story begins with time itself

Somewhere between 1 billion and 3.5 billion years ago.

When the Earth was still shiny and new. Before dinosaurs, before humans, before just about everything.

My natural diamond came into existence hundreds of kilometres inside the Earth.

No wonder the emotional connection I have with my diamonds runs so deep.

Under amazingly high pressure and heat, carbon, and mineral-rich fluids crystallized into diamonds.

Volcanic eruptions carried diamonds up to the Earth’s surface and deposited them in rocks, riverbeds, and even the sea.

There are 3 main ways of extracting diamonds

Marine mining

Pearls aren’t the only precious gems found under the sea – natural diamonds are too! Rough diamonds deposited in the seabed are recovered by special mining ships trawling the ocean depths.

Alluvial mining

An ancient method of diamond discovery. With time, rivers, wind, and rain send rough diamonds towards the surface. They are extracted by sifting through sand, gravel, and clay.

Pipe mining

The Earth’s crust is naturally rich in diamond deposits. Rough diamonds are mined underground, deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

Chapter II: OriginMy diamond has come a very long way.
So has the natural diamond industry.

I know the exact place my
diamond was born

Africa Canada Russia Australia

Today it’s one of the world’s most sustainable industries, supporting a brighter future for the people who brought your diamond to life.

The natural diamond industry uses highly sophisticated mining and manufacturing methods to extract rough diamonds. As an industry, it must comply with strict protocols. It uses cutting-edge traceability technology to verify a diamond’s origin and to track its journey from rough to polished stone.

All this ensures the natural diamonds you buy, are a sustainable source for good, empowering local communities, conserving the environment, and providing people with opportunities to improve their lives.

Chapter III: Back to communitySustainable manufacturing reveals a diamond’s inner beauty for generations to come

Chapter IV: TransformationAnd so begins
an amazing journey of transformation

It seems like magic. A rough, glassy, asymmetrical rock gradually turning into a brilliantly symmetrical, light refracting gemstone. The secret is a mix of science and artistry, inspired craftsmanship enhanced by sophisticated technologies powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Step 1Rough Scanning

Since no two natural diamonds are alike, each rough stone is scanned at the mine using technologically advanced devices to capture its unique features, and to create a birth registration ID. This begins an unbroken chain of authentication continuing at every stage of the diamond’s journey, until its latent beauty is finally revealed.

Step 2Rough Planning

There are infinite ways to cut and polish a rough diamond, depending on its size and one-of-a-kind features. Today, AI technology suggests the cutting plan best suited to unlock the diamond’s latent beauty and potential. At every manufacturing stage, technology is used to confirm the origin and ID of the rough diamond being processed.

Step 3Rough Sawing

Cutting the planned diamond from the hardest material on earth requires painstaking care with high-precision laser sawing. The diamond is tracked using technologies that verify their true identities as they are planned, sawed, and polished. Every time a diamond is processed through a new stage, it is revalidated to assure no mix-ups occur down the line!

Step 4Final Planning of My Diamond

Algorithms check your diamond’s uniqueness, planned proportions, and other defining features – against the finalization of the polished plan. So that you can be 100% certain the beautiful sparkling natural diamond you fell in love with is 100% what it claims to be.

Step 5Polishing Reveals your Diamond’s Brilliance

Polishing brings out a diamond’s fire and light performance and marks the final stage in the journey of craftmanship. To ensure the diamond cutter is adhering to the cutting plan, the diamond is periodically scanned using sophisticated instruments. Now an exquisite sparkling gem, the identity of your naturally sourced diamond is verified one last time before it is ready to become yours…


Chapter V: HeritageDiamonds are the Earth’s heritage for future generations

Owning a natural diamond is quite unlike anything else. My diamond connects me to the timeless mystery of existence and miraculous power of Nature.

It is also an expression of my personal values and desire to contribute to communities around the world.

In a world of ephemeral products and experiences, I know the legacy of my natural diamond will live on

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